Newsletter April 2023

Patience is a form of wisdom, helping you accept that everything evolves in its own time – ancient yogic text

Namaste Yogi,

I was recently covering a class & couldn’t help but notice the impatience in the students. I thought to myself, isn’t yoga about slowing down, bringing you back in touch with the physical body, experiencing the sensations of impatience and learning how to let yourself open at your own pace?

In fact impatience is the most prominent negative emotion that we experience.  We see it in toddlers, parents, seniors, businesses and yes, even in Yoga!

We suffer with impatience because our actions are out of tune with the reality of now.  If our minds are preoccupied with the concerns of yesterday or tomorrow it’s difficult to involve ourselves in the present. Rather than live in the moment we want things to be faster, better smoother.  So maybe that was the issue with these students; I just wasn’t fast enough for them.

However, our yoga practice provides one of the most systematic approaches to improving patience. So the next time you’re on your mat notice if impatience emerges and instead of pushing your restless thoughts away, be mindful that they, like sensations in your body, are part of the moment.

My next date at Wannock village hall is Saturday 22nd April.

This month’s theme will be on the 4th Niyama Svadhyaya.  The study and observance of oneself.  Svadhyaya asks you to be an observer of the moment to moment changes in your body and mind.  Our class will start with a gentle warm up then a deeply restorative practice which gives you the perfect opportunity to look within and connect to your inner truth.

As always there will be a hot drink and healthy snacks at the end of your practice if you’d like to stay on for a chat.

Wannock Village Hall
Saturday 22nd April

I like to keep these classes small so space is limited. Please contact me with payment to confirm your place.

I have just one thing to ask of you, could you please take a few minutes of your time and give me a review on my google business page.  All you need to do is click on the link below. Simple as that!

With Love and gratitude

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