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New Beginners Course 2023

The mind is like water. When its turbulent, it’s difficult to see. When it’s calm everything becomes clear – Mia Goldsmith

Namaste Yogi,
Do you ever wish you had known everything you know about life and living when you were much younger?
We learn so many important lessons in life, and they help us to better navigate the road ahead.  But wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could learn those lessons without the struggle and pain?
In yogic tradition the insights we gain about ourselves, our strengths, our weaknesses, and how we can work with them are often referred to as Svadhyaya (knowledge of the self) you may have heard me mention this in my classes. I always emphasise that yoga is not about pushing, straining, or forcing it is to simply listen & become aware of yourself.
I wish that I had discovered Yoga in my early years, but as my teacher said to me, “Yoga came into your life when you were ready for it. Now you can reap the benefits & let Yoga be a way of life, not just exercise.”  And to be honest with you that was how it started for me “exercise.” But I soon realised this was unlike anything I had ever done and it wasn’t just exercise.
So my question this newsletter is: Did you practice Yoga then stop during the pandemic never to return again?
Do you remember the benefits of your practice and how good it made you feel, how it made you pay attention to YOU?
Well here is a plan to get you back practicing. I have a 6 weeks beginners course starting! New year, NEW YOU!

Where: Willingdon Golf Club, Eastbourne, BN20 9AA
When: Wednesday 11th January (then every Wednesday)
From: 6.30-7.30pm
Investment: £57 (payment will need to be paid in full to secure your place)

This course is perfect to get you back into a regular practice for the new year.  You may even know someone who wants to start but can’t find the right class for them.

My next date at Wannock village hall is 3rd December. As this is our last class of the year at Wannock I thought I would make this a nice restorative class with Mince pies and Mulled Wine after. Christmas jumpers are optional!

Wannock Village Hall
Saturday 3rd December
I like to keep these classes small so space is limited and already half full! Please contact me with payment to confirm your place.

With Love and gratitude

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