Linzi Kent

My original love of body movement and bodywork began back in 1997 when I undertook my first anatomy & physiology training in New York, USA. 

When I returned to the UK I continued to study, becoming a qualified Personal Trainer and sports massage therapist in 2007.

Suffering a back injury is what brought me to yoga. My first introduction was in the discipline of Iyengar yoga and I instantly fell in love with the precision and detailed explanations .This practice helped me with the back pain I had experienced for many years as well as enjoying the space it created mentally.

I then decided to embark on a journey to become a yoga teacher and help people just as my teachers had helped me.

Travelling to India in 2015 I studied with Tarun Kranti Agrawal and became a fully qualified yoga teacher.  I continued to study for an additional two years, with senior Iyengar teacher Cathy Rogers Evans of Iyengar Yoga Sussex.  I regularly attend workshops & dedicate myself to studying and practicing so I am able to bring my students the most current, accessible and suitable practice.

Linzi Kent Yoga