🌟 A journey around the spine 🌟

The spinal base is the source of the longest river, a river of tremendous strength and potential that flows through the spinal shaft – Tias Little

Namaste Yogi,
At some point in our lives we have all experienced or are experiencing back pain. We often don’t know the cause of it or think we know the cause but cannot seem to find a solution.  A doctor may recommend you try a yoga class. You try a yoga class or look on YouTube (don’t get me started here!) but it makes it worse.  How are people with no yoga, biomechanical, or medical training supposed to find solid advice on YouTube? We are living in times of excessive, often inaccurate information about yoga (and just about everything else). This can breed tremendous confusion. I don’t think it’s outrageous to assert that it’s essential to have guidance about any topic with which we are unfamiliar.
Being a massage therapist of 15 years & a yoga teacher for 8 I have come across all kinds of students/clients with back issues.  I feel I have a pretty good understanding of this subject and I also personal experience of back pain.  This is what has inspired the subject of my next workshop at Wannock village hall on 24th June.  The more we can educate ourselves the more we’re able to keep our spines strong, healthy and mobile.
This month’s class we will focus on the pillars of support for the spine, common structural holding patterns and how the pelvis and hips are often a key to release.  The workshop is open to anyone whether you have a yoga practice or not.  You may know someone who would benefit, so do please pass my details on. However, anybody suffering with acute back pain this will not be suitable.

Details as follows:

Wannock Village Hall
Jevington Rd
BN26 5NZ
Saturday 24th June 9.15am – 11am
Investment: £15

This workshop is already half full.  To avoid any disappointment please contact me to book and secure you spot.

I have just one thing to ask of you, could you please take a few minutes of your time and give me a review on my google business page.  All you need to do is click on the link below. Simple as that!


With Love and gratitude

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