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💛 Honour the light within you 💛

Allow thought clouds to come and go, let your breath move in and out like the ebb and flow of the sea – Me


Namaste Yogi,

Its that time of year where autumn turns to winter and we enter the darkest phase of the year.  For some this is often a really difficult time. Our challenge during the autumn-winter period is on the one hand to embrace the darkness and on the other to bring light into darkness.  We recognise how darkness offers us rest, regeneration and renewal during the autumn-winter months.  At the same time its important to lighten up dark days by conjuring up healing images of light.  In many traditions the point when we enter the darkest phase of the year is seen as a new beginning rather than an ending.  We pass through the darkness only to be reborn into the light at the winter solstice. So it really isn’t all bad.
The autumn winter period really is the perfect time to draw inward and connect to your inner light.  The solar plexus at the centre of the body is a particularly good area to focus and visualise this inner light and sun within.
In my monthly class at Wannock village hall we will be focusing on the solar plexus (Manipura chakra) which is often referred to as your inner sun.

My next date at Wannock village hall is Saturday 25th November.
These monthly classes are a nice addition to your regular classes, which may only be an hour long.

As always there will be a hot drink and healthy snacks at the end of your practice if you’d like to stay on for a chat.

Wannock Village Hall 
Saturday 25th November

I like to keep these classes small so space is limited. Please contact me with payment to confirm your place.

I have just one thing to ask of you, could you please take a few minutes of your time and give me a review on my google business page.  All you need to do is click on the link below. Simple as that!


With Love and gratitude

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