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☯️ From darkness to light ☯️

Winnie the pooh said to piglet “what day is it?” Piglet squeaked “it’s today!”
“Ah” sighed Pooh “My favourite day!” -AA Milne 


Namaste Yogi,
Don’t you just love the above quote from Winnie the pooh? We can learn a lot from these characters about staying present as many of us are always thinking ahead. This winter for example. We all want this winter to be over; we want to get into Spring already. It has been a challenging one for most of us I think. But we have to go through these seasonal transition points and reflect on how you wish to use your energy and set your intentions for each coming season.
We are coming out of the darkness, the Yin phase of the year and into the Yang, where the energy of the year starts to rev up. The Spring equinox is a good time to consider how to create a more balanced life.
As yoga practitioners we learn how to stay in touch with our inner wisdom. It teaches us how to balance tension and relaxation.  Our challenge is: how do we marry and unify these two complimentary opposites to achieve this state of balance in our lives?
May you consider over the coming months how you will achieve balance this season. What do you want to spend more energy on? What in your life is draining your energy? Can it be changed?

My next date at Wannock village hall is Saturday 23rd March.
We will be working with the theme of balance of these two energies: Yin and Yang. We will start with a more energetic practice including some balancing postures and finish with a relaxing Yin practice which will give you more time to reflect and relax into the Yin postures.

We will finish our class with my offering of homemade treats, herbal teas or coffee.

Wannock Village Hall 
Saturday 23rd March

These monthly classes are a nice addition to your regular classes, which may only be an hour long.
I like to keep these classes small so space is limited. Please contact me with payment to confirm your place.

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With Love and gratitude

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