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Release Stress & Tension with Yoga

Yoga for the over 55's, beginners yoga, yoga for healthy aging and Foundational Yoga. Classes that work on the inner self, your true self, not just the external self.


What my students say:

In 2019 I was hit with a reactive arthritis and was on a high dosage of steroids. Linzi’s classes helped me hugely get some flexibility back. I attend classes every week. Linzi has a great rapport with all her students which make the classes very enjoyable. 

Charles Giddins, Eastbourne 

Linzi is one of the best yoga teachers I have ever had! She is so knowledgeable in anatomy and physiology and is able to correct body alignment so the postures are less painful for me. She makes the classes fun with her positive energy and her infectious laugh! Would highly recommend having classes with Linzi.

Hattie, Eastbourne

Linzi is a wonderful teacher, she has great empathy and a beautiful energy. I have always benefited both physically and emotionally from attending her classes. She is extremelly knowledgable and able to make appropriate adaptations during the class to keep you safe and encourage a great practice.

Jenny, Eastbourne

Linzi always makes us feel comfortable and included, no matter what level of practice we have reached. Her calm and knowledgeable style of teaching, together with her gentle humour, makes her classes joyful and nourishing. I’d begin every day with her class if I could!

Alison Allen, Eastbourne.



Classes at Sjaan Dance Academy & Wannock can be booked directly by contacting Linzi. 

These classes are kept to a minimum of 10 students. Allowing me to focus more on each individual.

Props & adaptations will always be offered to suit your needs.

Yoga Class Eastbourne

Yoga Benefits

Why join one of my classes?


Develop functional flexibility. Flexibility that is used in everyday life not just on a yoga mat.

Self Compassion

Self compassion and self acceptance for long-term mental health and happiness.


Develop agility through proprioceptive awareness (ability to sense your body in space)


Breathing practices that help create a more efficient autonomic nervous system & respiratory system.


Maintain mobility of the joints & spine.


Integrate mind, body and breath through interoceptive awareness (Sensing what's happening inside your body)


Please get in touch if you are interested in any of the following massage therapies I offer.  

Treatments are 30, 45 or 60 mins depending on your requirements.

 Deep tissue/sports massage

Holistic massage

Indian head massage

Advance clinical massage for lower back pain or neck & shoulder pain.

I'm also available for private one to one Yoga tuition